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Next Litter Tailless x Dumbo

I have mated up two rats that have two body mutations with a view of combining the two in one rat in the future. The two body mutations in question is Dumbo and Tailless or Manx.

Why attempt to breed a Manx Rat?

There is a lot of talk out there saying that you shouldn’t breed manx rats, the reasons for this are largely based around the notion that rats require a tail to regulate their body temperature and balance, as well as the potential for rats to be born with deformities.

I completely understand the concerns and I’ve thought long and hard about what I’m attempting to do. From what I’ve seen my tailless doe is very stable on her feet, doesn’t have a hopping gate and still has a bit of a tale - which suggests to me that she probably has more confirmation in her back end than a truly tailless rat would have.

What’s more I have a further problem to contend with, the manx rat that I own (Raticia) is a doe and according to all thoughts on this matter wherever possible only manx males should be mated due to the potential for female manx rats to struggle in labour. However, it’s worth saying that in the UK, tailless rats or manx rats as they are sometimes known are very rare, I’ve only ever seen one before – if I could get a fertile buck that would be a different matter altogether however in this situation I am going to have to attempt to breed from the doe, having a nursing doe on standby and being ready to take her to the vets it a cesarean is required.

What should I expect in this litter?

Putting to the side the markings and colours of the rats, this litter should contain kittens in which 100% carry tailless and 100% carry dumbo. If this litter goes well I’ll probably breed a second one from a different dunmbo buck to the tailless doe and then carry out a half-sibling mating to bring out the recessive traits.

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