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Manx Rats Have Arrived!

Published on April 9, 2012 by in Manx Rats, New Rats

Today we’ve got a new addition to the rattery, a female manx rat – that’s right a doe without a tail.

She’s a top eared, capped / hooded, down-under who also happens to be tailless! She does technically have a tail, but it’s about 1.5cm long.

I’ve had a good look at her and her back legs and general body shape seems to be really nice and the fact that she does have a small version of her tail makes me think that she may be healthier than the other tailless rats that are completely tailless.

I have no real plans for this rat in terms of introducing her to the breeding plan however it might be nice to think of beingĀ  able to breed healthy and happy manx rats in the future.

My wife has christened her Ratricia.

Ratricia - Manx Rat UK

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