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Ratricia Gives Birth To New Litter

Cosmic Squeak Rattery is pleased to announce the birth of a new rat litter, born on 5/5/2012. Ratricia, our tailless doe gave birth to a small litter of six rat kittens.

Unfortunately, two were stillborn or died shortly after birth. Interestingly, it appears the tailless gene we’re working with in this litter may not be a simple recessive gene (or it may be heterozygous dominant) as 1 of the 6 kittens born (and sadly one of the two that has died) appears to have had a small unformed appendage in the form of a tail without any bones in it, very similar to that which Ratricia has.

I wasn’t expecting a tailless in the litter – having convinced myself that this must be a recessive, this leaves me in a bit of a quandry as to where to go next with the breeding them, it’s a bit early admittedly to be thinking about the next litter but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t!

I’m thinking the next job is to prove one way or another what type of mutation we’re dealing with here, my initial thoughts are to mate the tailless doe to another unrelated tailed buck, if we get any tailless rats in the litter I think we can safely assume that we’re not looking at a recessive, there again if I mate together two siblings from this litter and get a small proportion who are tailless then I might be able to work further on the line to work out what’s actually happening.

Interesting times therefore at Cosmic Squeak – let’s see what happens!


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