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North West Rat Breeders Since 1996 

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Welcome to Cosmic Squeak Rattery

Rat Breeders UKCosmic Squeak Rattery (CSR) are Lancashire rat breeders based in Chorley, near Preston in Lancashire, UK.

This all began in 1996 / 1997 when I first got a rat, Cosmic Squeak Rattery was born in 1999 with the aim to breed rats so other people could enjoy keeping rats – all of Cosmic Squeak Rattery’s original line of rats descended directly from our first doe.

Ethical Rat Breeders

At Cosmic Squeak Rattery we believe in ethical rat breeding, as such we have a limited number of rats available at any one time, as we believe that by breeding too many litters we will have unwanted, unhandlable adult rats – rats need a lot of attention whilst they are kittens to ensure they are as friendly as possible.

Further to not breeding too many kittens, neither do we solely select rats based on their colour or type, these are very much secondary considerations when choosing which adult rats to mate together. The best rats have a balance between good looks and good nature.

This websites exists to provide visitors with advice about owning rats, specifically those people that have recently adopted rats from Cosmic Squeak Rattery whilst promoting the rattery, our breeding aims, kittens and litters.

Finally, one of the main aims of this site is to help make the life of our pet rats better.